Completion: 2019
Owner: Vancouver Board of Education

Childcare Facility at Lord Nelson School

Vancouver, BC

This new childcare facility, built on top of the new Lord Nelson Elementary School, offers four distinct childcare spaces for children ranging from infants to pre-school. With a capacity of 69 children, the new facility offers common spaces for parents and teachers, and comprehensive child-centred spaces.

The childcares have been designed to engage the children by supporting a rich variety of activities within spaces that are kid-scaled, kid-friendly, and that have a strong connection to the natural world. Each childcare connects directly to a large outdoor play area built on the roof of the new school – embraced by the canopies of the surrounding trees. A generous roof overhang provides shelter from both sun and rain along the entire frontage.

Material choices include robust concrete masonry units, which contribute to durability and comfort by acting as a heat/cold sink, and wood finishes that add visual warmth to the interior spaces.

Photos: Michael Elkan

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