Completion: 2014
Owner: Nazko First Nation

Nazko Health Centre

Nazko, BC

Located in the remote interior of the province 100 km west of Quesnel, this small community health centre provides a variety of health services to the members of the Nazko First Nation.

Combining the essentials of primary care with indigenous concepts for well-being, the facility houses clinics for family physicians, dentistry, public health practicioners, counselling and health education classes, along with multi-purpose space for indigenous practices. The building, which features a prominent circular community room, is conceived around a simple plan that allows the public to use the community space without impeding the functioning of the rest of the facility.

Organic, flowing walls highlight the main entry, public circulation and traditional program – transforming into a simple linear form for the clinical rooms. Material choices connect the building to its site and cultural traditions, with local wood species being the predominant structural and finishing materials.

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